What is PORTRAIT²?

PORTRAIT² is a new and exciting studio portrait offering from Pippa Mackenzie Photography. We are offering a special studio portrait package in which you get a fun 45 minute photoshoot in the studio and then have a beautiful SQUARE framed, fine art print in a choice for 4 different sizes. What could be easier!

So what happens?

When you book a PORTRAIT² session, Ian will give you a call and discuss the shoot with you to make sure you know what to bring and what to expect during your time in the studio. The photoshoot takes place in our studio near Petworth, West Sussex. After the shoot Ian works his magic to create the unique and beautiful PORTRAIT² look. You will then return to the studio where you will see a selection of images from your shoot and you simply choose the one(s) that you love to have framed for your home.

There are 4 packages to choose from based on the size of Frame(s) you want. Have a look at home and see where you want to hang one of our lovely frames and simply measure the space or spaces you have. Then just give us a call and book a photoshoot with Ian.

So, give us a call today and book your very own PORTRAIT² photoshoot.

Extra framed prints can be purchased. Please ask for details.

What are the Packages?

There are 4 packages available for you to choose from.

14x14" Frame


14x14” Frame - 9x9” Print

20x20" Frame


20x20” Frame - 12x12” Print

24x24" Frame


24x24” Frame - 17x17” Print

27x27" Frame


27x27” Frame - 20x20” Print